TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden

In the post TRUST: In Traditions or In Truth, the importance of TRUSTing in the truth of God’s Word over traditions was emphasized. It was noted that traditions do no unlock or unleash the power of God in one’s life, but it is trusting in the truth of what Jesus revealed through His Words and His work/deeds – TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden

Earlier in Mark 4, we know that Jesus had conveyed that you don’t put a lamp under a bowl/basket or bed, but you put it on a lamp stand. We know that Jesus represents the light that one would get from a lamp.TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden. Both literally and figuratively, Jesus evidences the truth of that admonition in His next encounter in Mark 7.

There, we learn that Jesus went to Tyre which is a Gentile territory. Let’s see what happened.

Mark 7

24 Jesus left that place and went to the vicinity of Tyre. He entered a house and did not want anyone to know it; yet he could not keep his presence secret. 25 In fact, as soon as she heard about him, a woman whose little daughter was possessed by an impure spirit came and fell at his feet. 26 The woman was a Greek, born in Syrian Phoenicia. She begged Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter.

27 “First let the children eat all they want,” he told her, “for it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

28 “Lord,” she replied, “even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.”

29 Then he told her, “For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter.”

30 She went home and found her child lying on the bed, and the demon gone.

We know from Matthew 4:24 that news about Jesus healing people spread all over Syria, so we see the importance of testifying or witnessing about what God has done in your life of the life of another. We also know from those acts that Jesus interacted with Gentiles which was contrary to traditions of Jews. Gentiles were considered unclean, but Jesus had already told us what makes one defiled or unclean.  Mark 7 is cross referenced in Matthew 15:21-28. We see Jesus reveal more about His coming. He came to bring salvation to all people not just the Jews. TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden.

TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden is clearly made known in this passage. Jesus, though He knew the truth, tried to enter a home without being known. Truth is that people knew the traditions of a Jew entering a home. It was not lawful according to traditions, but in doing so, Jesus evidences that He came for all as well as reiterated that it is what comes out of the heart of man that makes Him defiled or unclean. Jesus was neither by entering the house of the Gentile. He could not be hidden either because news of His arrival in town had spread. We know so because text tells us and shows us by the woman coming to seek healing for her demon-possessed daughter. Jesus again breaks down tradition. He is not only interacting with Gentiles, but He is speaking with a Gentile woman.

TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden is rooted in the fact that Jesus and all true followers of Him will impact the lives of people. Jesus is showing that He impacted the lives of all whom He came into contact with that sought Him. On the contrary, He is also showing that those who did not seek Him are not helped. Jesus helps those who want help and seek Him. Are you sharing with the world how Jesus has helped you or those whom you know? Jesus desires for you to involved with TRUST: Jesus Cannot Be Hidden. As a follower of Jesus, we must be committed to sharing Jesus and what He has done.


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