The Good Life

Life comes with many winding turns. Roads that often lead to a dead end which require you to retrace your path to another unfamiliar route. In the advent of GPS, we hardly ever get lost in travel but with the travel of life that’s another story.

As I was reading and studying 1 Peter 3, I found Matthew Henry’s commentary about verse ten interesting. The verse is a quote of Psalm 34 verses 12-14. It says,

12 Whoever of you loves life
    and desires to see many good days,
13 keep your tongue from evil
    and your lips from telling lies.
14 Turn from evil and do good;
    seek peace and pursue it.

cat got my backMuch of life involves our interaction with people with whom we will have conflict. As I fumed over a trivial matter with my this morning, I looked at the picture to the left which I keep on my mirror. As I looked at myself, I had to ask was I assuming the best about my wife? Did the matter which angered me really matter in light of who she is to me? If she was dying, would I care about it? The answer was a resounding no in all cases. I had to let it go. I just did not realize that God was preparing me for a life-lesson to share with you all today from the passage I would read. The passage is from David, but today, it is my song. Like many of you, I want The Good Life. The Good Life is simply being able to be at peace with my God, myself and my fellow man. I was certainly not at peace, so I had to seek refuge in my God. Actually, God sought me out. He realized that I was not at peace. He had the Holy Spirit to prompt me to remind me that my mind and spirit were not in the right place. I had a choice to make. Surrender to Him and be at peace or to stay mad.

About The Good Life, Matthew Henry says, God “gives an excellent prescription for a comfortable happy life in this quarrelsome ill-natured world. “If you earnestly desire that your life should be long, and your days peaceable and prosperous, keep your tongue from reviling, evil-speaking, and slandering, and your lips from lying, deceit, and dissimulation. Avoid doing any real damage or hurt to your neighbour, but be ever ready to do good, and to overcome evil with good; seek peace with all men, and pursue it, though it retire from you. This will be the best way to dispose people to speak well of you, and live peaceably with you.” Learn, (1.) Good people under the Old and new Testament were obliged to the same moral duties; to refrain the tongue from evil, and the lips from guile, was a duty in David’s time as well as now. (2.) It is lawful to consider temporal advantages as motives and encouragements to religion. (3.) The practice of religion, particularly the right government of the tongue, is the best way to make this life comfortable and prosperous; a sincere, inoffensive, discreet tongue, is a singular means to pass us peaceably and comfortably through the world. (4.) The avoiding of evil, and doing of good, is the way to contentment and happiness both here and hereafter. (5.) It is the duty of Christians not only to embrace peace when it is offered, but to seek and pursue it when it is denied: peace with societies, as well as peace with particular persons, in opposition to division and contention, is what is here intended.”

God gave me the option of choosing The Good Life this morning by assuming the best about my wife, about me. God gives you that choice too. What will it be?


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