Fear: Visualize Your Victory

Do You Know Where You’re Going to? is the theme song from Mahogany written by Ray Conniff. It was also the title of a post I wrote about four years ago. As Diana Ross sang that song, I often contemplated where I was going. What was it that life held for me. It has often been said that you are either coming out of a test/trial or headed into a test/trial. The impetus for today’s post came from reading a statement from a high school mate, Sherri Jordan-Nuckles. She stated…

I’ve had some great victories in my life. God has set me free from so many old sins, bondages and habits. The thrill of freedom I’ve experienced is absolutely amazing, and it’s something God wants all of us to experience.

I still have battles I need to win and obstacles to overcome, and I’m sure you do too. I encourage you to pick one thing you’d like to start working on today.

Next, start visualizing your victory today. Think about what your life will look like when you’re free.

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-33  Visualize Your Victory. Now when I read that, the bell went off in my head. Visualize means to see as if what isn’t is. It is to see the reality that has not materialized in the present. It it looking forward. It is futuristic.

Have you ever wondered why we are afraid of the future? It primarily has to do with the Fear: The Unknown. In Facing Fear, we must exercise our faith. If you have been redeemed through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, we must remember that we are no longer slaves to fear. He purchased our freedom from sin through His death, burial and resurrection. We do not have to take heed to our fears.

You cannot face your fears if we do not Visualize Your Victory. As you may know, I have been posting about fear. I have provided the antidote for fear on many occasions. It is to trust God and His Word. If we trust God, we effectively combat our fears. Fear arises from our inability to be or do something needed for a desired reality to materialize. This what God told the Israelites to Visualize Your Victory even when they were in captivity.

In Exodus 3, God was talking to Moses whom He had chosen to do His work.  The Lord said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey—the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them. 10 So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”

In Exodus 23, Matthew Henry said, “This chapter continues and concludes the acts that passed in the first session (if I may so call it) upon mount Sinai… Gracious promises of the completing of the mercy God had begun for them, upon condition of their obedience. That God would conduct them through the wilderness (Exod. 23:20-24), that he would prosper all they had (Exod. 23:25, 26), that he would put them in possession of Canaan, Exod. 23:27-31. But they must not mingle themselves with the nations, Exod. 23:32, 33.

In Exodus 23, God prepares them to Visualize Your Victory when He said, 20 “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. 21 Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since my Name is in him.

There is no one who more epitomes that God’s Name is in Him than Jesus. For those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior, we are constantly told to Visualize Your Victory. God has given us His Word, His Son and His Spirit to bring us to the Promise Land, eternity with Him. All battles we are entrenched in now only prepares us to worship God for His continued deliverance in this life. Sherri alluded to battles that she has won and ones that still needed to be won. She correctly sees God as the only means for her to Visualize Your Victory.

Let’s join God and Sherri. Trust Him and Visualize Your Victory.


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