They Tried Me!

The statement They Tried Me! has relevance throughout the ages and connotations for which we all can relate. When I was growing up, the phrase ‘try me’ meant that some one attempted to test one’s manhood in the sense of daring one to defend himself. Even today, I still hear that statement from time to time among students who have an altercation whether verbal or physical. Needless to say, we all, at some point, will be drawn into defending our ourselves.

The same is true about God; however, God, in his patient mercy, challenges disbelief or a lack of faith by those who claim to trust Him. Why? It says that you, who supposed to be a believer in me, do not trust in my character. You don’t believe that I am trustworthy, faithful, true. You think that I am a liar. There are two things that I know will move God to action: 1. His people demonstrating faith in Him. 2. His people demonstrating a lack of faith in Him.

We see this phenomena throughout the bible. For our purposes today, we will review Psalm 95.

Today, if only you would hear his voice,
8 “Do not harden your hearts as you did at Meribah,
as you did that day at Massah[b] in the wilderness,
9 where your ancestors tested me;
they tried me, though they had seen what I did.
10 For forty years I was angry with that generation;
I said, ‘They are a people whose hearts go astray,
and they have not known my ways.’
11 So I declared on oath in my anger,
‘They shall never enter my rest.’”

The words Meribah and Massah are references to places where the Israelites demonstrated a lack of faith in God. That where God said, “They Tried Me!” Those place-names may be translated “quarreling” and “testing.” They sum up Israel’s attitude toward God during the forty years of wandering in the wilderness. For the history see Ex. 17:1–7 and notes; Num. 20:1–13.  (Ligonier Ministries). God had made a promise to Abram which He was wanted to fulfill to that generation, but of them He said “They Tried Me though they had seen what I did.”

Have you seen what God has done? Is God saying of us “They Tried Me though they had seen what I did.” If so, we should expect God to rebuke us for our unbelief. Jesus is the promise for us now, but how do we show our unbelief in God? This is a matter that we need to correct.

Like  Jacob on his deathbed (48:21), Joseph expressed firm confidence in God’s covenant promises and His gracious visitation. All people of faith, like the Hall of Fame Finishers in Hebrews 12, will be honored by God for their confidence in Him. Instead of expressing indignation, God will say of them They Trusted Me.


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