Whose Your Refuge?

In our lives, we will face many accusations from those who are not our family and friends but foes. As with everything in life, it is not what happens around us or to us but how we respond. How, in light of our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, should we respond when life is unsavory. In Psalms 7, we find David serving as another example for us. As in many cases, David has had some accusation or charge against him. While discussing the implications of who the accuser is has merit, I am choosing to focus on how David responded. After all, God is interested in how we respond regardless of where threats originate. In reading the first few verses of Psalms 7, David appears to be alone or at least realizes that he has no one to appeal to other than God Himself. We should not be surprised that David relies on God as this is what he said in Psalm 3:3. We can look to Davide to answer the question of Whose Your Refuge? There David says to God “you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.”

Psalm 7:1-2

Lord my God, I take refuge in you;
save and deliver me from all who pursue me,
or they will tear me apart like a lion
and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me.

As with Psalms 3, David seeks refuge in God. He takes confidence in the person and power of God. He does not rely on his own strength, riches or wisdom. He does not call on another man/woman nor should we. Hallowed preacher, Charles H. Spurgeon also answers the question of Whose Your Refuge? when he said, “David appears before God to plead with him against the Accuser, who had charged him with treason and treachery. The case is here opened with an avowal of confidence in God. Whatever may be the emergency of our condition we shall never find it amiss to retain our reliance upon our God. “O Lord my God,” mine by a special covenant, sealed by Jesus’ blood, and ratified in my own soul by a sense of union to thee; “in thee,” and in thee only, “do I put my trust,”even now in my sore distress. I shake, but my rock moves not. It is never right to distrust God, and never vain to trust him. And now, with both divine relationship and holy trust to strengthen him, David utters the burden of his desire—“save me from all them that persecute me.” His pursuers were very many, and any one of them cruel enough to devour him; he cries, therefore, for salvation from them all.We should never think our prayers complete until we ask for preservation fromall sin, and all enemies. “And deliver me,” extricate me from their snares, acquit me of their accusations, give a true and just deliverance in this trial of my injured character. See how clearly his case is stated; let us see to it, that we know what we would have when we are come to the throne of mercy. Pause a little while before you pray, that you may not offer the sacrifice of fools. Get a distinct idea of your need, and then you can pray with the more fluency of fervency.”

I know a young lady whose brother was hanging out with friends. Some events took place that led to them evading the law where two of the passengers in the car died in the chase. He is charged with multiple charges with two counts of involuntary manslaughter being the most prominent. It appeared that he was not going to get out of  jail, but his employer posted bail for him. While that is nice, we can never be lured in thinking that we have a refuge in people. Obviously, God uses people to protect us, but ultimately, it is God who shields and protects.

With all of the events of happening now in the Middle East, we hear a lot about refugees. A refugee is one who seeks refuge. Refuge is defined as a shelter or protection from danger, trouble, or harm. That leaves us asking Whose Your Refuge? David declares over and over that God is our refuge. Remember the post Blessed are All who take Refuge in Him. David also declares that in Psalms 2 The reality is that we only have one place, one person, one power to seek shelter or protection from harm and that is in our triune God. Trust Him and Him alone as your refuge. I trust that your answer to Whose Your Refuge? is the Almighty God, Jehovah.


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