Lead me, Lord, in Your Righteousness

In the post Knock, Knock, I shared that David calls for God to listen to his voice and to hear his cry for help. David says in the morning God will listen to me and I will lay my request before Him. David gives a description of all who can and, more specifically, who cannot come in after the Knock, Knock. David tells us that wicked, evil, arrogant/boastful, all who do wrong, liars, bloodthirsty and deceitful people cannot come into the presence of God nor do they desire to do so. The righteous desire to draw closer (near, nigh) while the unrighteous desire to walk away from God. The righteous call for God to Lead me, Lord, in Your Righteousness.

In Psalms 5, we see David coming to God in prayer for guidance. David’s desire, like ours, should be on finding and walking the path that God has for us. Our desire, as righteous people, should be to follow God. We all should beseech God for His direction for our lives. When we know the path and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk the path of God, we can live life in confidence and be at peace. In reality, that is what many people want – security and peace. Sure, we all want to be able to pay bills and do the things, but those are mundane and unessential to our quality of life. Security and peace are essential for life.  Let’s see and hear David’s words.

Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness
because of my enemies—
make your way straight before me.

In conjunction with finding God’s path, David pairs the path with his enemies pursuit of him. David seeks to stir clear of his enemies, so he can stay out of danger and continue on the path that God has for him. What is the path and prayer “Lead me, Lord, in Your Righteousness

Once more, I quote famed commentator Matthew Henry on the matter David discusses in (Ps. 5:8): “Lead me in thy righteousness, because of my enemies—Heb. “Because of those who observe me, who watch for my halting and seek occasion against me.” See here, (1.) The good use which David made of the malice of his enemies against him. The more curious they were in spying faults in him, that they might have whereof to accuse him, the more cautious he was to avoid sin and all appearances of it, and the more solicitous to be always found in the good way of God and duty. Thus, by wisdom and grace, good may come out of evil. (2.) The right course which David took for the baffling of those who sought occasion against him. He committed himself to a divine guidance, begged of God both by his providence and by his grace to direct him in the right way, and keep him from turning aside out of it, at any time, in any instance whatsoever, that the most critical and captious of his enemies, like Daniel’s, might find no occasion against him. The way of our duty is here called God’s way, and his righteousness, because he prescribes to us by his just and holy laws, which if we sincerely set before us as our rule, we may in faith beg of God to direct us in all particular cases. How this prayer of David’s was answered to him see 1 Sam. 18:14, 15.”

Lead me, Lord, in Your Righteousness is the cry of the righteous. If you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, you should daily express to God your desire for him to lead you in His righteousness. This is what Jesus stated in Matthew 6 when He told the disciples how they should pray. Do you remember this line from the Lord’s Prayer? “And lead us not into temptation” That’s being righteous.


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