Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous

In the post No Joy in the Game, I shared with you that real joy is in God not in the game. As an avid football lover, I am hearing a lot of praise for teams and quarterbacks. The hot names now are Tom (Terrific) Brady who quarterbacks the New England Patriots. The other quarterback drawing much praise is San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick. He is the new rave drawing a great deal of attention. I can assure you that there is No Joy in the Game, but joy is truly in God.

Our text, Psalm 33, quickly conveys that to us in the first verse which reads “Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him.” Before I begin to get into why it is fitting to be joyful in our song to God, the psalmist makes it clear who will sing joyfully to the Lord – the righteous. Righteous here is defined as just, lawful, righteous.

a) just, righteous (in government)
b) just, right (in one’s cause)
c) just, righteous (in conduct and character)
d) righteous (as justified and vindicated by God)

The fact that God considers those who are saved righteous is enough reason to Sing joyfully to the Lord. It is only those whom God has made right when we know that in actuality we are wrong; it is only those whom God has justified and vindicated with Himself that are in proper position to Sing joyfully to the Lord. Just one more thought about this. Have you ever sat down and thought of a thief, infidel, murder, liar, cheat, etc as righteous? That’s what God has done for us through the sacrifice of Christ. His resurrection demonstrates that we have hope and life. It is those whom God has made right that should bestow him with praise and honor for He is our joy.

Beyond that, the psalmist list many other reasons to Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous. Matthew Henry outlines the psalmist’s reasons for us. The psalmist, in this psalm, I. Calls upon the righteous to praise God, Ps. 33:1-3. II. Furnishes us with matter for praise. We must praise God, 1. For his justice, goodness, and truth, appearing in his word, and in all his works, Ps. 33:4, 5. 2. For his power appearing in the work of creation, Ps. 33:6-9. 3. For the sovereignty of his providence in the government of the world (Ps. 33:10, 11) and again, Ps. 33:13-17. 4. For the peculiar favour which he bears to his own chosen people, which encourages them to trust in him (Ps. 33:12) and again, Ps. 33:18-22. We need not be at a loss for proper thoughts in singing this psalm, which so naturally expresses the pious affections of a devout soul towards God.

Can you call on Tom Brady or Colin Kaepernick to help you in your present struggles? Will they come to your rescue? Will those two heralded quarterbacks provide one ounce of justification for you? How many people do you know who will be right, true, and faithful in unfailing love? Not those quarterbacks but only Jesus. That is a mouthful. We all want to experience relationships like that, but God is the only one who offers that to us. This is why the psalmist calls for us to Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous. If you have been made righteous through the blood of Jesus, Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous.


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