Fear and Fullness of Joy

In the post The Joy is Gone, I asked and answered the following. How can we experience joy? We must genuinely invite God in our lives to be with us and to direct our lives. What challenges are you currently facing? Are you seeking direction for a path to take with a specific matter? Go to God in humility asking Him for your help and direction. Psalm 145:18 tells us that “The Lord is near to all who call on him,to all who call on him in truth.”

Since we know and are sure that God’s Word is true. Let’s see an example of the Lord being near to one who called upon Him in truth. Let’s see the joy or gladness experienced by him who called upon God in truth.

We are in 2 Samuel 6 today. A great deal of Hebrew history has transpired since 1 Samuel 4. The people, in order to be like the nations around them and not like who God wanted them to be, have asked the prophet to ask God for a king. Despite His disapproval of the Israelite’s short-sightedness, God gives the people a king, Saul. Saul is replaced by David whom Saul attempts to kill several times because of that throne. After much family turmoil, David finally becomes entrenched as the king.

Through all of David’s victories, we do not see him celebrate like we see him celebrate in 2 Samuel 6. Please read it. This is the well-known passage when David performed his praise dance. Why? The fear of the presence of God was now resolved. God was with David and the people. Through the Ark of God (Covenant), David invited God to be with Him and the people. Uzzah acted in a manner that brought the wrath of God. Let me say it like this. Uzzah tried to handled God in a manner that God had told the people not to carry the ark, so God’s wrath arose. Uzzah died. David was afraid, so he skirted the presence of God by having the Ark took to another place rather than with him. David saw the blessing of the presence of God, so this positive envy led to him bringing the Ark to him which he had allowed fear to rob him of that joy. We see that Fear and Fullness of Joy were evident in this passage.

We are on our quest to embrace and experience joy. We learn from 2 Samuel 6 that Fear and Fullness of Joy are often experienced by man. When man reject God’s presence and allows Fear to be preeminent in his life, he will experience fear; however, when man allows God to be preeminent in his life, he will experience the Fullness of Joy. What fears are impeding your path toward God’s plan for your life. Surrender that fear to God. Stand in faith inviting God to be present and preeminent; then you can and will embrace and experience the Fullness of Joy. I would not tell you to dance like David danced, but that was prompted by God not man.


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