In the night I remember your name, O Lord

I was speaking earlier with a friend this morning and had not finished this post. I was told to get cracking. Actually, I have been up since two with this crazy new sleep pattern. Despite that, the text, Psalm 119:54-56, today is very appropriate to what I was encouraged to do – get cracking.

What goes in our heads during the night? The psalmist today proposes that what we dwell on, meditate about, ponder over and over during the night significantly impacts what we do in the day. My mother used to say what’s done in the dark will come out in the light. Now, acts from meditation was not what she meant, but the line of thinking is similar. Let’s look at the text.

Psalm 119:54-56

54 Your decrees are the theme of my song
wherever I lodge.
55 In the night I remember your name, O Lord,
and I will keep your law.
56 This has been my practice:
I obey your precepts.

The psalmist states that the decrees of God’s word are his lodging where his songs arise. It’s just where he camps out in terms of what he thinks about. He says in the night I remember your name. Names are important even more so to God. Matthew Henry stated it this way: “When others were sleeping David was remembering God’s name, and, by repeating that lesson, increasing his acquaintance with it; in the night of affliction this he called to mind. The conscience be made of conforming to it. The due remembrance of God’s name, which is prefixed to his law, will have a great influence upon our observance of the law.” Verse 56 reveals the outcome of reflecting and meditating on the name of God, that is who He is and His abilities. “I obey your precepts.” Obedience is a by-product of his consistent practice of meditating on who God is and His unlimited abilities.

When we know who God is and what God can do, we respond in dependence upon Him rather than trying to handle matters ourselves. The application of this verse is for us to reflect on who God is and His unlimited abilities during the night, as well as the day, to become obedient. In that same communication with my friend this morning, I stated, “life is always stalking us”. Life brings challenges and choices. We must choose in a manner that brings glory to God. What will you think about? In the night I remember your name, O Lord is my aim. Join me.


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