God’s POP: Presentation of Power

In October of 1988 Bobby Brown released a song title “My Prerogative”. “My Prerogative” was written by Brown as a response to the criticism he received for his departure from New Edition. He explained the song was about making decisions in one’s life and not caring about other people’s judgment. As a function of freewill, God gives every man/woman prerogative. You can continue in your departure from God in the sins of your life while not caring about people’s judgment.

In our text today, Exodus 9:13-35 , we see God’s POP: Presentation of Power in light of man expressing “My Prerogative”. As with the Israelites, God calls man to worship Him. While man has the prerogative to be unresponsive to God’s call, there is a consequence for telling God it’s “My Prerogative” not to follow you. We see that throughout the bible. Today, Pharaoh had consistently denied God’s people the prerogative to go and worship God.

As we have seen in the post about God’s throne, Christ will judge us in light of our decision to either remain departed from God because of our sin or united with God because of Christ’s reconciliation through His death, burial and resurrection. Do you remember the 10 Plagues God used in Exodus to cause Pharaoh to Let My People Go? They were the Plagues of Blood, of Frogs, of Gnats, of Flies, of Livestock, of Boils, of Hail, of Locust, of Darkness, of Firstborn.

Where I was last night and right now, there was a horrible storm with thunder, flashes of lighting and hail. The hail was the impetus for this post this morning. All of those elements of weather demonstrated God’s power to bring about the end that He desires. Hail was the seventh of the ten plagues. Pharaoh continued to deny the Israelites the opportunity to go and worship God where, when and how God had stated He wanted man to worship Him. Likewise, God has consistently called us to worship Him; yet, we continue to fail to honor God with our dedicated worship.

When we fail to respond in worship to God, God will issue is judgment on man just as He did with Pharaoh. Similarly, it will lead to our demise. God’s POP: Presentation of Power is designed to draw us to Him in worship. How will God have to demonstrate POP in your life to get you to permit worship? Let’s hope it is not too late when you decide.


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