What Manner of Man is This? II

When pursuing the idea of the holiness of God, we should look for characteristics of God that idea sets him apart from everything else ( Exod 15:11 ; Isa 6:3 ; Rev 4:8 ). Holiness is what God is. Jesus separated Himself from man. There is not a man on earth nor has there been or will be who possesses the power to do what Jesus did. By virtue of that display of sovereignty, Jesus separated Himself from all mankind.

In What Manner of Man is This?, Jesus was so holy much that the disciples showed that fear was their first response to his separateness. That is that which distinguishes Him from man. Remember, they were afraid of the storm but they were very fearful or terrified when the wind and waves obeyed Jesus’ command. They asked “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” He is the holy of holies. Today, we find another text, John 21, with the disciples experiencing the holiness of God. This text further distinguishes Jesus as this was after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

John 21 is the famous passage where a few of the disciples had been out fishing all night but had caught nothing. They had gone back to what they were doing before they met Jesus, but I digress. They spent all night out trying to catch fish. They expended their energy, time and expertise to no avail. Now, a seemingly stranger tells them to cast their net in a different position, the right side of boat. Like the right side of God where provision is provided. They were so desperate that they listened to the advice of an unknown. It is something about being humble and obedient when we need help that God responds. Once John told them that it was Jesus who had directed their nets, Peter jumped out of the boat to go to Him. This is how we should respond when the Holy of Holies speaks to us and provides for us. We need to come appropriately and quickly. As Matthew Henry says, we should note that Christ is often nearer to us than we think he is, and so we shall find afterwards, to our comfort. I am sure their comfort level was increased by His presence and His provision, large sums of fish. Be sure that those that would have supplies from Christ must own themselves empty and needy.

As the other disciples in the directed the boat to the shore where Jesus was, their nets became abundantly full. Now, they had been fishing all night with not one fish being caught. At Jesus’ direction, their nets became full because they realized the deficit and need. We are devoid of holiness of our own. Christ has shown that He is a different manner of man than we are. Christ has shown His holiness and the ability to make anyone holy who trusts in His incarnation and resurrection as testaments to who He is – God the Son.

What Manner of Man is This II? The one who listens to the needs of man and is able to provide for all their needs both spiritual and any other kind. Have you, like the disciples, toiled expending time and energy for naught? Christ is the means to be considered holy. Remember, without holiness no one will see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14). Holiness is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who makes us holy. Without His presence in your life by your unconditional surrender to follow Him and His ways, you will not be holy, and since not, you will not see God. You decide.


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